Your Health

Staying Healthy at The Cudham Craic

We will be following Public Health England advice at this event, to keep everyone healthy and safe!  Their recommendation is for “business as usual.” The below are the current guidelines for staying well at publics events.

The Cudham Craic is designated as a small gathering due to it’s size, governed by a local council Temporary Events Notice.  Customers are expected to attend events as normal.


If you have a cough or a sneeze you will be asked to leave for the safety of everyone else.

  • If you are particularly vulnerable or have an immunodeficiency condition, please stay at home


  • Hand washing facilities will be available and well stocked with soap and paper towels.


  • If you do need to cough or sneeze, do it into a clean hankerchief and throw it away immediately (and go home!)

Together we will stay healthy and safe at our events!

Booking Protect via TicketSource

An advantage of purchasing tickets for the Cudham Craic online, is there is an option to protect your tickets with TicketSource’s “Booking Protect” feature.

Customers that have bought ticket protection from Booking Protect through TicketSource will be refunded if they or any of their immediate family contracts coronavirus and this is supported by a doctor’s note stating they shouldn’t attend the event.
If a customer is in a high-risk group and they receive advice from a doctor supported by a doctor’s note not to travel to a certain area then their refund will be paid.

Booking Protect’s customer terms and conditions are on the TicketSource website, via the “Tickets” page on this website.

Tickets purchased without Booking Protect, either online or a paper ticket in person, are both not valid for refund under any circumstances.